On February 6, 2015, the law prohibiting assisted suicide in Canada was struck down with the declaration that it was unconstitutional. Its validity was been suspended for the next 12 months and doctors have been able to assist terminally ill patients in taking their lives if they so wish.

WE have clearly done something wrong. I don’t mean, personally as individuals, but collectively, society as a whole, is promoting people to feel like they should die by deeming them as burdens when we are tired of taking care of them and treating them medically.

There is another aspect of it; many have lost perspective that we are stewards of the life that God has given us and not owners of. WE cannot just do what we please with it and dispose of ourselves if we’re not happy with what we get. WE are also so afraid of losing control of ourselves; this is why disability and pain are so abhorred. Everyone likes to feel powerful, healthy and in control, but we’re not, compared to God.

What if this trend continues? If all the terminally ill and severely disabled have their lives taken, what chance do new people with disabilities stand in a world that hates their very existence? For “normal” people, there is suicide prevention, but as soon as something goes wrong, suddenly assisted suicide is a strongly proposed option. Doesn’t this go to show that your life is suddenly no longer worth as much?