Last week, PP Global (@ppglobe), an unofficial Twitter account supporting Planned Parenthood’s global endeavors, posted a quote by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards at a Clinton Global Initiative (CBI) annual meeting. The Clinton Global Initiative is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, and “convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.”

The tweet read: “.@CecileRichards at @ClintonGlobal annual mtg: If every girl in the world had access to contraception, she could do anything.”

In response, SpeakLife Inc (@speaklife_inc) tweeted: “Why does a girl need contraception to be someone?”

Why does a girl need contraception to be someone? Why does a girl need access to artificial hormones to do anything? Why must she reject the potentiality of the miracle of life intrinsic to her female nature? Why is it empowering to women to strip sexual intercourse of its life-giving nature, of its total gift of self?

In a general audience August 22, 1984, St. Pope John Paul the Great spoke of the evils of contraception and of its consequences:

“Therefore, in such a case the conjugal act deprived of its interior truth, because artificially deprived of its procreative capacity, ceases also to be an act of love.”

St. Pope John Paul is speaking of the usage of contraception by married couples, as sex outside of marriage also violates the conjugal act, thus ceasing to be an act of love.

PP Global is right. If every girl in the world has access to contraception, she can do anything – anything except truly give of herself in an act of love.