For One Woman an Ultrasound Was Enough

| January 27, 2017

For one woman, an ultrasound was all she needed to decide that she  wanted to keep her baby. While the woman remains anonymous, her story speaks for so many other women who have chosen life after an ultrasound. The woman’s story starts in a gas station. She has just taken a pregnancy test and has discovered that she is pregnant. She knows what she wants to have the baby. Yet, she also knows that both her and her boyfriend have no job and no home. How could she possibly raise a child? She has already had one abortion and knows that she does not want to relive the pain again.

The next day, her boyfriend drops her off at an abortion clinic. Before she enters the clinic, she sees several women inside crying. As she is about to open the door, a woman stops her outside asking her if she would like a free ultrasound. The woman looks at the nicely dressed nurse and at her bus colorfully decorated with pictures and fonts and eagerly agrees. Once inside, the woman had mixed emotions, she explains to the nurse and counselor that she wants to be a mother and that this is her second chance. She also tells the woman that she would not be able to support the baby financially. However, once the woman is shown her baby and hears the heartbeat she knows that there is no way she could ever have the abortion. The nurse and counselor pray over the woman and explain to her that God loves and cares about her. They inform the woman of pregnancy care centers that will help the woman find shelter and a job.

This is just one of the many stories of women deciding to keep her baby. In fact, 78% of women will want to keep their baby after seeing the ultrasound. Abortion Clinics know this and this is the reason why women are rarely if ever allowed to see their baby. Catherine Anthony, former worker at Planned Parenthood said the following statement in an interview:

“At the time I worked for Planned Parenthood, ultrasounds were only done if the woman was unsure of the dates of her last menstrual period, or if the doctor ordered one. Women were not given the option of viewing the ultrasound” (

An ultrasound before an abortion is actually very helpful for the doctors. They verify the length of the pregnancy, which helps determine the best method for the abortion. An ultrasound is also a good way to ensure that the woman does not have a tubal or ectopic pregnancy. For most cases, women are not shown their ultrasounds unless they specify ask to see them and sometimes the women are denied access even then.

Dr. Joseph Randall said the following about an ultrasound: “They, the women are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because we knew that if they so much as heard the heartbeat they wouldn’t want to have an abortion” (

Former Governor Rick Perry supported a law that would allow women the chance to see the ultrasound is they wish and immediately Cecile Richards accused him of hating women. She said the following: Why is Rick Perry so cruel to women? … Rick Perry is running for president, and if he wins, you can bet he’ll force this dangerous agenda on every woman in every state. If we don’t stand up to him now, women may suffer the consequences for years to come” (

All this shows that Planned Parenthood is not about helping women, but about convincing women that abortion is best for them and their only option. If they were really concerned about women and their well being why wouldn’t they want to show them the ultrasound? After all, as they always tell women, it’s not a baby so what do they have to hide?