Sarah Kepins

Sarah Kepins


Sarah is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but now resides Kernersville, North Carolina. She is currently a student at Salem College in North Carolina. She is studying creative writing, vocal and dance performance. She loves to travel and had the privilege of traveling to Florence, Italy and performing with her college choir in an international music festival. She enjoys acting, figure skating and spending time with friends and family. In the future, she hopes to travel and see the rest of the world.


Sarah is very grateful for this opportunity. She is extremely passionate about her faith and loves to write, so this is the perfect chance to live out her faith. Through her writing, she hopes to inspire and touch the lives of her readers. It is her hope that she encourages others to take a stand and to not be afraid to speak out and follow God’s way.


My Overall Impression of CSW61

Overall, my experience attending the Commission on the Status of Women 61 was a positive one, despite the UN’s liberal agenda. If not for C-Fam, the issue of life would not be represented at all. I noticed that for any of the sections whenever the issue of life was brought up by question askers, the […]

Sarah Kepins | April 9, 2017


A Panel on the Sex Trade

One of my favorite panels when I attended the Commission on the Status of Women was the panel titled: Does Full Decriminalization of the Sex Trade Lead to Women’s Empowerment? This panel was hosted by women@thewell. Women@thewell strives to provide support and care for women who have been victims of prostitution. The services provided included: […]

Sarah Kepins | April 8, 2017


A Panel on the LGBT Community

On March 13th 2017, we attended a parallel event for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) titled Lesbian, Bi and Trans: Stop Leaving Us Behind. Parallel events are events that are hosted outside of the official United Nations but are still linked to CSW. This panel was organized by OutRight Action which is […]

Sarah Kepins | March 14, 2017


Adoption: The Least Expensive Option

One of the many reasons women will chose to have an abortion is because they believe that they have no other option. However, there is always a choice. If, for whatever reason, the woman is unable to care for her child, the loving choice is to put the baby up for adoption. This allows another […]

Sarah Kepins | March 4, 2017

Catholic Teaching

Welcoming All Immigrants: The Right Choice?

One of the big issues that the United States as well as many other European countries is dealing with right now is immigration. This issue divides the country in half and many others are unsure of where they stand. Some are against immigrants due to that violence that some of them have caused. As Catholics […]

Sarah Kepins | February 22, 2017


For One Woman an Ultrasound Was Enough

For one woman, an ultrasound was all she needed to decide that she  wanted to keep her baby. While the woman remains anonymous, her story speaks for so many other women who have chosen life after an ultrasound. The woman’s story starts in a gas station. She has just taken a pregnancy test and has […]

Sarah Kepins | January 27, 2017

Catholic Teaching

God is Always Enough

God is always the answer. Former gay porn actor Joseph Sciambra learned that the hard way. His downward journey began at the young age of eight when he discovered a porn magazine left out by his older brother. This led to other more graphic porn magazines and eventually led Joseph into wanting to try the […]

Sarah Kepins | January 17, 2017

Catholic Teaching

Finding Your Own Happiness or the Sin of Pride?

Six years ago in Toronto, Canada, a forty six year old man formally known as Paul Wolscht, decided to leave his wife of twenty three years and seven children to become a six year old little girl and live with a new family. Paul, now Stefonkee Wolscht, is living with a new family and has […]

Sarah Kepins | December 28, 2016


Abortion: Kills Not Only the Child But the Mother as Well

Abortion is harmful not only to the unborn child but it is harmful to the mother as well. Many women have died from botched abortions. Recently, in Musashino, Japan a young woman lost her life due to a botched abortion. The 23-year old woman had just recently married and was admitted to Mizuguchi Hospital on […]

Sarah Kepins | December 11, 2016


Pro-Life Rapper

There are pro-life celebrities who are not afraid to speak their mind and when they do they often get overlooked or criticized. Recently, African American pro-life rapper Nick Cannon shared his views on Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood. “Hillary was, think about all of the things they did with Planned Parenthood and all of that […]

Sarah Kepins | November 25, 2016