Adoption: The Least Expensive Option

| March 4, 2017

One of the many reasons women will chose to have an abortion is because they believe that they have no other option. However, there is always a choice. If, for whatever reason, the woman is unable to care for her child, the loving choice is to put the baby up for adoption. This allows another family to enjoy and care for the child. It is also giving the child that chance at life, a life that is rightfully theirs.

An argument often used by the abortion industry is that adoptions are very expensive for the woman. However, this is not true and it is the other way around that abortions are expensive and adoptions are free. One website states that an abortion could be as much as $1,500 during the first trimester ( The health risks for an abortion increase the later the pregnancy so the price would only go up from there.

Adoptions are 100% free to all women and respect the right for the child’s life. In addition, the family planning on adopting the baby will pay for all the woman’s medical expenses ( This means that women can birth their babies and put them up for adoption at no cost to them. American Adoptions, an adoption service, offers free 24/7 support and care for any women who has gone through or is going through an adoption processes. Also, unlike abortion, an adoption is safe and allows the woman to go through with the birth without causing her body any unnatural pain or harm. Adoption is the loving option and women should be informed of how the adoption process works.
Many couples in American want to adopt a child but they just can’t. There are around two million infertile couples in the U.S. alone seeking to adopt children and for every one eligible child there are 36 couples wanting to take that child home and pay as much as $45,000 to cover for the mother’s medical expenses ( Women considering abortion should be aware of these facts.

A further “economic” note: as adoption is so rare, infertile couples may turn to artificial reproduction. Artificial reproduction, however, is not only morally wrong, but is also a very expensive option. Abortion advocates should find other arguments to defend the killing of the unborn, as not even economy stands on their side. It is truly heartbreaking to hear of all these couples yearning for a baby, especially since so many babies are unwanted and aborted each year.