Abortion is harmful not only to the unborn child but it is harmful to the mother as well. Many women have died from botched abortions. Recently, in Musashino, Japan a young woman lost her life due to a botched abortion. The 23-year old woman had just recently married and was admitted to Mizuguchi Hospital on July 8. Six days later she died due to a heart failure that was caused from the abortion. The 26-year old husband was upset and filled criminal charges against the hospital stating that the doctor who performed his wife’s abortion was not accredited to do abortions and that the hospital hid information from them about this doctor.

The Heath, Labor and Welfare Ministry states that surgical abortions can only be performed by doctors accredited by prefectural medical associations under the Maternal Protection Law. The hospital has released information about the doctor and has said that the doctor had no such accreditation. The hospital has issued an apology and hospital officials have also said that they were aware of the doctor’s accreditation status. In their apology they state the following: “We admit and take into our hearts our lack of awareness. We reflect on how our conduct has resulted in a fatal incident and we will do our utmost to prevent any reoccurrence of similar incidents.” This is just one of the many sad cases that the woman lost her life due to a botched abortion. Abortion harms both the mother, the unborn child and the family left behind.

Hospital Kills 23-Year-Old Woman in Botched Abortion, Husband Says “I Have No Words to Express My Anger”