Asking Advice or Donating to Planned Parenthood?

Yesterday, I watched a Vanity Fair YouTube video with Emma Watson giving advice to people at Grand Central Station in New York. To get direct advice from Watson, via FaceTime, one would have to pay $2.

Emma Watson, an acclaimed actress known for her work in the Harry Potter films and the live action film of Beauty and the Beast, identifies herself as a feminist and is an ambassador to the UN Women. The video was produced to promote her most recent film, Beauty and the Beast. Vanity Fair believed it would be a great idea to have a well-known celebrity give ‘advice’ to the public.

A couple of minutes into the video, a young teenage boy told Watson how much he admires her ‘HeforShe’ campaign. She had asked him if he was feminist, which he answered, “definitely against sexism, [definitely] against arranged marriages and [definitely] pro-choice.” Watson praised him as a “complete legend”.

Near the end of the video, after collecting a handful amount of money, the person helping with Watson’s “Advice from Emma Watson” asked what to do with the money. She quickly replied “it has to go to Planned Parenthood… they’re the best.”

Watson misled many people who donated their money without knowing it was going to Planned Parenthood. She should have told people where their money was going to before they had asked for her advice. Many have their own well-formed opinions on Planned Parenthood, which America’s largest abortion provider.

Vanity Fair should not try a similar stunt again. The next time you want to ask a celebrity for advice ask where your money will go first.