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Two Planned Parenthood affiliates honored with Population Award at UN

The United Nations awarded two affiliates of Planned Parenthood with the Population Award last week at the ceremony at UN headquarters. Hosted by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), this award celebrates individuals and institutions for the ‘most outstanding work in increasing public awareness of population questions or to their solutions,’ including family planning and […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | July 2, 2018
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“Guidance to focus on the Youth’s Sexuality”

On April 21, 2017, Columbia University hosted an event about the implementation of a guidance called “Fulfill: Young People’s Sexual Rights!” The organizers of this event were the Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC) together with International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) who developed the guidance. Panelist included representatives […]

Ruth Rosa | May 3, 2017
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Asking Advice or Donating to Planned Parenthood?

Yesterday, I watched a Vanity Fair YouTube video with Emma Watson giving advice to people at Grand Central Station in New York. To get direct advice from Watson, via FaceTime, one would have to pay $2. Emma Watson, an acclaimed actress known for her work in the Harry Potter films and the live action film […]

Ruth Rosa | April 3, 2017
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CSW61: “Contraception is a lifesaving service”

During the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61), Denmark hosted an event on March 20th, 2017 on “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergency Response.” The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) co-hosted the event. Panelists informed the audience of the great need for sexual and reproductive health centers in countries that are in war […]

Ruth Rosa | March 31, 2017
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Where does true freedom lie?

Meet Maria. She is a twenty-year-old woman from Uruguay who is post-abortive. On the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) website, they share her story. Its title: “Abortion in Uruguay, a common experience surrounded by stigma.” In brief, Maria and her boyfriend got pregnant at the age of nineteen. Soon after she realized that she was […]

Alexandra Liebl | April 16, 2016
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Human Rights

4 Problems with the London Family Planning Summit Goals

The London Family Planning Summit expects governments to provide permanent funding for contraception programs.  Where will the money come from? Developed countries will likely siphon scarce funding from other programs to comply. Current family planning funding in the developing world is $4 billion.1 The Gates Foundation is a large stakeholder in population control programs. In […]

Joseph Austin | July 6, 2012
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A New Spin on Environmentalism: Save the Trees Kill the People

On December 13 1968, Garrett Hardin, an American ecologist, published The Tragedy of the Commons, one of the most quoted and talked about papers on overpopulation, which presented the problem of the Tragedy of the Commons, and proposed “relinquishing the freedom to breed” as a solution (Science 1248).  The Tragedy of the Commons, an idea […]

Joseph Austin | June 8, 2012
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