Anthony Tokarz

Anthony Tokarz


Anthony is a Junior at Seton Hall University in New Jersey, where he studies International Relations, Economics, and Arabic. In addition to English, he speaks Polish and reads Latin (which sometimes asserts itself through unprovoked recitations of Caesar and Livy). He credits the literary and philosophical traditions of Poland and Ancient Rome for his interests, which include lyric poetry, moral philosophy, and political history. He contributes to this and other pages out of awe for the unified theologico-intellectual tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, which consoles him in its refutations of the seductions of nihilism. He hopes to do that which suffuses the human condition with meaning– as of yet, he’s not sure where that will lead him.


“forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit” -Virgil, Aeneid I.203

This line, one of the most famous, and thus cliche, in all of Latin literature had settled into my thoughts and sinews long before I had the courage to believe it. I translate it as “Perhaps one day it will help to remember even these things,” and I have not yet found another phrase that packs so much raw feeling and insight into the human condition into so few words. I admit, living by this sentiment can make one seem dreary to one’s friends and family, but I could not live without the promise that the worst of my experiences, the sharpest pains in historical memory, not only mean something but also might enrich it. That risk calls to mind the words with which Pope St. John Paul the Great launched his pontificate:
“Nie lękajcie się! Bóg jest miłością!” (“Do not be afraid! God is love!”)

Naciones Unidas

UN-Women Celebrates Goals, Not Results

When governments garner controversy for their spending programs, their supporters tend to defend them as gentle and generous guardians of the marginalized populations under their jurisdiction. In the eyes of these supporters, certain government programs are lifelines for people who cannot find help anywhere else. Such thinking conflates a government in theory with its policies […]

Anthony Tokarz | July 5, 2017


Private Foundations and the Expanded Mexico City Policy

On January 23, 2017, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy (MCP), a Reagan-era set of guidelines intended to restrict United States funding for abortion. The Policy withholds US funding, delivered in large part through USAID and the Department of Health and Human Services, from non-US groups that advocate for abortion as a method of […]

Anthony Tokarz | June 6, 2017