Joshua Nwachukwu

Joshua Nwachukwu


Joshua Nwachukwu, the first of seven children, is a Nigerian. He is currently completing his final year as a law student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. When he is not immersed in legal studies, he enjoys writing; he has written several op-ed articles in several National dailies in Nigeria and other electronic medium; on law, politics, religion, human rights etc. He also manages his own pro-life blog. When he is not found reading or writing, he is found conversing with others, which he truly enjoys. He thinks conversations aid friendships, the exchange of ideas, and he loves to hear about the experiences of others. He also enjoys swimming, playing badminton, dancing and listening to music. His writing and his life as a whole, are moved by his search for the truth. In fact he sees himself as a Co-worker of the truth (Cooperatore veritatis).


Marriage and the Family

Megyn Kelly Leaves Fox News to Spend More Time with Her Children.

Recently, Megyn Kelly announced she will be leaving Fox News, where she has now worked for 12 years, for a multi-year deal at NBC. In her Facebook post, Kelly said: “While I will greatly miss my colleagues at Fox, I am delighted to be joining the NBC News family and taking on a new challenge. […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | January 28, 2017


Abortion: A Destroyer of Medical Advancement

Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye, co-director of the Texas Children’s Fetal Center, is becoming popular for a major achievement in the medical profession. He and Dr. Darrell Cass made headlines after carrying out an operation on a 23-week-old baby suffering from a tumor known as sacrococcygeal teratoma. It’s a remarkable feat in modern day medicine as the […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | November 22, 2016


The Incorrigible Pro-Choice Group

Many pro-life activists are happy with the recent statement from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) that proves that a baby’s first heartbeat begins as early as 16 days after conception. The excitement of the pro- life group is based on the fact that, we now have more proof to assert that a baby in the […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | November 4, 2016


Feminism has failed Trafficked Women

Many movements ending with the “ism” suffix, such as Marxism, atheism, agnosticism, positivism, relativism, reductionism, materialism, socialism, communism, hedonism, among several others, haven’t gone down well in the history of mankind for many reasons. Some were too idealistic or utopic; some had either illogical premises or conclusions; some, when implemented, caused more harm than good; […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | October 9, 2016


Forbes: Pregnancy helps Women Career

  I am not a fan of Forbes, probably because I did not know what they really did. I only knew Forbes for the list of billionaires which they publish yearly. I wasn’t particularly impressed with their focus on wealth and people’s fortune, which I think leads to unnecessary curiosity and inflamed avarice in people. […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | August 19, 2016


The Gambia and Tanzania outlaw child marriage

Speaking to a group of Muslim elders in Banjul on Wednesday the 6th of July, the president of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh declared that child marriage is illegal and therefore banned in The Gambia. He stated that “anyone who marries a girl under 18 years will spend 20 years in jail. The girls’ parents would […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | July 19, 2016

Human Rights

Bride Trafficking in Asia

In the late 1970s, the Chinese government fearing that their population may grow to “unsustainable” heights introduced a number of measures to reduce the country’s birth rate and slow the population growth rate. The most important of the new measures was a one-child policy. This policy, established in 1979, mandated that each couple was allowed […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | July 11, 2016

Catholic Teaching

God-Given Right to Life also belongs to the Criminal – Pope Francis

The 6th World Congress Against the Death penalty was held recently from the 21st to the 23 of June in Oslo, Norway. Pope Francis used this opportunity to reaffirm the unjustifiable nature of death penalty in today’s world. What better time to reaffirm this than in the Extraordinary Jubilee year of Mercy. In his video […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | June 29, 2016


“I Am Cait” Gets Banned in Nigeria

  Caitlyn Jenner “I am Cait”, an American television documentary series which chronicles the life of Caitlyn Jenner after her supposed gender transition was removed by MultiChoice Nigeria from its DSTV channel 124 and GOtv channel 24. This isn’t the first time MultiChoice is reviewing its programme list to meet customers desires. Last year October, […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | June 15, 2016


Kenya Stands Up For Family Values

The family has generally been described as the cell of society, not only because it is the first social contact for a child but also because it is the child’s first school, first clinic and indeed the first church. This aged long role of the family as the principal educators of children has been threatened […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | May 15, 2016