Capitalizing off of “Unwanted Humans:” Embryo Jewelry

| May 12, 2017

You can now put your “extra” embryos in jewelry and carry them around with you. A new company recently announced that they are making jewelry with human embryos. This sounds like a piece of satire, and I wish that it was.

The sad and sick reality is that the Australian company called BabyBee Hummingbirds, which creates keepsake jewelry for mothers, from tissue like breast milk, baby’s placenta, cord stump,and a baby’s first curl of hair has recently branched out into making jewelry out of human embryos.

On the Facebook post that announced that the company was branching out to include jewelry made from embro ashes, someone commented “Do yous work with funeral homes? My baby was just cremated……im looking for keepsake jewelry..” The extent to which these customers are misguided is overwhelming; using the remains of a human being as jewelry, no matter how small the person was when was when he or she died, is abhorrent. What is even more disgusting is the concept of “extra” humans, which is how another one of the company’s customers described her “extra” embryos which she wanted to make into jewelry.

The hardest part of digesting this evil corruption of human life is understanding that the couples who choose to freeze their embryos and then make jewelry out of the “extra” humans are not the enemy. The doctors who harvest eggs and sperm and conceive humans in a laboratory are not the enemy. Not even the company that is capitalizing off of the eugenicist notion that there could be a such thing as “extra” humans and making jewelry out of babies is the enemy.

The real enemy is the destructive ideology which leads people to believe that human life is disposable.  We must keep reminding ourselves of  this if we want to communicate truth and goodness to people who think that it’s acceptable to turn their unwanted, “extra” baby humans into necklaces and rings as keepsakes.

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