Natasha Tax

Natasha Tax


Natasha Tax is currently a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia PA where she studies Political Science and Spanish. Her passions include the New Evangelization and conservative social issues, especially the pro-life movement. She is also fascinated by Latin American culture and politics and enjoys traveling and serving in those countries. When Natasha is not doing school work, she enjoys leading a bible study, serving on international mission trips, and attending mass.


“I said to the almond tree, sister speak to me about God; and the almond tree blossomed. ”

This quote resonates with me so much because it reflects the abundant nature of life that God offers his beloved. I believe that all human life is beautiful and precious, beginning with the weakest and smallest among us. The threat against human life is more than a threat against the unborn and ill, but against all of humanity. I am excited to contribute to C-fam and have a place to fervently proclaim and explore the sacredness of human life. My dream is that one day society will overcome their lack of appreciation and understanding for human life and see in retrospect the great genocide that has been committed against the weakest among us. Aside from the pro-life movement,  I am also an avid proponent of religious freedom, and am excited to write about pressing pertinent issues.


Oscar Nominated Film Shows Untold Side of Adoption Stories

  Adoption is beautiful. There is nothing that reminds us of our humanity and reliance on one one another quite like a family inviting a child in need into their home and loving him or her as their own child. While we often hear the stories of the endearing families that adoption creates, we cannot […]

Natasha Tax | May 26, 2017


Capitalizing off of “Unwanted Humans:” Embryo Jewelry

You can now put your “extra” embryos in jewelry and carry them around with you. A new company recently announced that they are making jewelry with human embryos. This sounds like a piece of satire, and I wish that it was. The sad and sick reality is that the Australian company called BabyBee Hummingbirds, which […]

Natasha Tax | May 12, 2017

Catholic Teaching

Pope Francis’ Easter Homily: A Reminder that Jesus has Risen

This past Easter Sunday, in the company of 80,000 others, I completed my lifelong dream of attending Easter Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, celebrated by Pope Francis. After braving a seemingly interminable security line, I had finally made it. The mass was more beautiful than I had ever expected; people from all around the […]

Natasha Tax | May 2, 2017

Catholic Teaching

First Communion: So much more than an Opportunity to Play Dress Up

First Communion: So much more than an Opportunity to Play Dress Up   What is the meaning of a First Communion? As I was walking home to my apartment in Spain a few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement that made me question my understanding of the Eucharist and how Catechism prepares Catholics, especially children […]

Natasha Tax | April 18, 2017


Pro-life in Pop Culture: Ed Sheeran’s “Small Bump”

Losing a child through a miscarriage has to be one of the most painful experiences a person could possibly have to endure. I cannot imagine the grief either an expectant mother or father would feel after losing a child who he or she never even got to meet face to face. Ed Sheeran’s popular song […]

Natasha Tax | March 24, 2017


London’s Tube: Building a Pro-Life Culture

When in London for the first time, there are several things that a tourist must do, including visiting the Tower of London, watching the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, and riding the tube. This past weekend, I made my first trip to London, and as I was riding the tube, something besides it’s […]

Natasha Tax | March 13, 2017


Teen Vogue: Making Abortion Appear Glamorous

In the most abhorrent and distasteful way possible, Teen Vogue just proved for good that they do not understand teen girls. Their Post- Abortion Gift Guide, in which they recommend several gifts that a concerned friend can get for a girlfriend who just got an abortion is both contradictory and offensive; it trivializes abortion and […]

Natasha Tax | March 7, 2017

Catholic Teaching

I love travel, but it’s not a Soulmate

Over the past 4 years, I’ve traveled to 12 countries. I’ve ziplined in Argentina, hiked up a volcano in Costa Rica, and eaten waffles in Belgium. In short, I think it’s safe to say that I’m living the millennial’s dream. On my travels, I’ve racked up frequent flyer miles, learned foreign languages, and made irreplaceable […]

Natasha Tax | February 20, 2017


The Power of a Story: Revisiting What I Saw at the Abortion

Recently I stumbled upon the 1976 Esquire Magazine article What I Saw at the Abortion. In the article, Dr. Selzer tells the candid story of witnessing his first abortion. While he had always considered himself to be pro-choice, he had never actually seen an abortion take place. However, what he witnessed at the abortion changed […]

Natasha Tax | February 8, 2017


The Pro-Life Feminists who Braved the Women’s March Anyway

The Women’s March has made one thing very clear, that conservative women are not invited to join their cause of equality for women. Shortly before the march, organizers removed pro-life organizations from the list of partner organizations.   As one pro-life feminist notes, “ The Women’s March organizers espouse a specific type of diversity.” Despite […]

Natasha Tax | January 26, 2017