The Women’s March has made one thing very clear, that conservative women are not invited to join their cause of equality for women. Shortly before the march, organizers removed pro-life organizations from the list of partner organizations.


As one pro-life feminist notes, “ The Women’s March organizers espouse a specific type of diversity.” Despite being uninvited from the women’s march, many pro-life women still joined their female counterparts to spread their message of equality for all women, including those who are still in the womb.


The organizers of the Women’s March thought that they could silence the pro-life message by disinviting pro-life organizations, here are some of the brave organizations who marched anyway:


  1. New Wave Feminists:  A vibrant group of feminists who believe that consistent feminist ethics must reject abortion and describe themselves as “Badass Pro Life Feminists,” attended the March even after having been dis-invited. They carried signs saying “Pro-Life Pro-Peace” and “Abortion is a symptom of women’s oppression, not a solution to it.”
  2. And Then there were None: Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood worker who now runs the organization And then there were None to help other abortion industry workers get out of the destructive industry of abortion, was excluded from the March. However, she attended anyway, carrying a pink sign that read “Real Feminist Reject Abortion.”
  3. Life Matters Journal: Perhaps the most creative and outspoken, the Life Matters Journal representatives carried colorful signs they complemented their vivid personalities, showing that the pro-life movement is bright and inclusive.

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