Natasha Tax

Natasha Tax


Natasha Tax is currently a senior at Temple University in Philadelphia PA where she studies Political Science and Spanish. Her passions include the New Evangelization and conservative social issues, especially the pro-life movement. She is also fascinated by Latin American culture and politics and enjoys traveling and serving in those countries. When Natasha is not doing school work, she enjoys leading a bible study, serving on international mission trips, and attending mass.


“I said to the almond tree, sister speak to me about God; and the almond tree blossomed. ”

This quote resonates with me so much because it reflects the abundant nature of life that God offers his beloved. I believe that all human life is beautiful and precious, beginning with the weakest and smallest among us. The threat against human life is more than a threat against the unborn and ill, but against all of humanity. I am excited to contribute to C-fam and have a place to fervently proclaim and explore the sacredness of human life. My dream is that one day society will overcome their lack of appreciation and understanding for human life and see in retrospect the great genocide that has been committed against the weakest among us. Aside from the pro-life movement,  I am also an avid proponent of religious freedom, and am excited to write about pressing pertinent issues.


Minimalism: A Response to Modern-Day Materialism

While so many have been busy purchasing, giving, and returning presents this holiday season, the new film Minimalism reminds us that there is another way to live. This film chronicles the evolution of the American Dream, which began as the desire to create a life in the United States, has become the empty desire to […]

Natasha Tax | December 28, 2016


Forced Abortions in the Church of Scientology Exposed

For the past several decades, the Church of Scientology has been forcing its members to have abortions, and until now it’s been a dirty secret that the Church has managed to kept under wraps. In A&E’s new expose on the abusive, corrupt, and coercive Church of Scientology, called Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, for […]

Natasha Tax | December 20, 2016
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ProLife World Congress: Passionately ProLife

This past November, hundreds from all over North, Central, and South America made  a bold statement of their support for life at the Pro-Life World Congress in Guatemala City, Guatemala. With their joy and energy, they declared “We are the Pro-Life Generation.” This tireless and vibrant group of mostly young people traveled from all over […]

Natasha Tax | November 25, 2016


Euthanasia: Dangerous for Sick who Want to Live

Euthanasia, which is often portrayed as a compassionate option, is actually quite the opposite. The act of deliberately killing a person because of a medical condition destroys the patient caregiver relationship, just as Dr. Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation described at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in October. Dr. Ryan Anderson made a […]

Natasha Tax | October 26, 2016


Revealing Injustice: Forced Abortion in China

At the Vita et Veritas Conference at Yale University, Reggie Littlejohn, an advocate for the unborn and their mothers in China shared her story. As a lawyer, Reggie Littlejohn provided legal representation for several women from China, who had been forcibly sterilized and forced to abort their babies. Knowing that she had to do something […]

Natasha Tax | October 13, 2016


Protecting the Hyde Amendment and Unborn Babies

On September 23rd, the US House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice met to discuss “The Ultimate Civil Right: Examining the Hyde Amendment and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.” The purpose was to reevaluate the Hyde Amendment, the law that prevents federal funds from paying for abortions. At the hearing, abortion advocates […]

Natasha Tax | September 23, 2016


Ryan Bomberger: A Vibrant Example for the Pro-Life movement

The Radiance Foundation’s Ryan Bomberger is the exact breath of fresh air that the pro-life movement needs. Last week, when he spoke at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C., he gave a creative and energetic reminder of the value of all human life. Wearing her signature “Bro-Life” shirt, Ryan passionately and charismatically made a […]

Natasha Tax | September 14, 2016

Catholic Teaching

What I learned at World Youth Day

If ever there was a doubt that the Catholic Church was diverse and vibrant, World Youth Day is strong proof that the Church is young, energetic, and passionate about its universal faith. World Youth Day, which was started by Pope John Paul II as an opportunity to unite young Catholics from around the World, has […]

Natasha Tax | August 28, 2016


Reflecting on the Life of a Pro-Life Hero: Phyllis Schlafly

During the Republican National Convention in July, Pro-Life Republicans gathered by the hundred to attend the “Life of the Party” gala, hosted by Eagle Forum. At this event, Pro Life Republicans had the opportunity to meet and celebrate this year’s accomplishments as well as the legacy of Phyllis Schlafly. At the banquet, friends and colleagues […]

Natasha Tax | August 25, 2016


Republican Platform is Strongly Pro-Life

While the official Republican National Committee Platform has not yet been released, the recent committee meeting held in Cleveland, Ohio is a promising sign for pro-life advocates. Even though many feared the potential for the pro-life GOP platform to be weakened this election cycle, the current draft is actually more pro-life than the previous one. […]

Natasha Tax | July 13, 2016