Forced Abortions in the Church of Scientology Exposed

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| December 20, 2016

For the past several decades, the Church of Scientology has been forcing its members to have abortions, and until now it’s been a dirty secret that the Church has managed to kept under wraps. In A&E’s new expose on the abusive, corrupt, and coercive Church of Scientology, called Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, for the first time, the injustice of forced abortions in the Church of Scientology became known mainstream. In the show, ex-members of the Church reveal to the world their traumatizing experiences. According to their testimonies, leaders in the Church have been forcing devoted Church members to have abortions as a way of manipulating them into devoting all their possible time and resources into the spreading of scientology, instead of having children.

For instance, Mary Tabayoyon, a former Scientologist and member of the Sea Org (the highest rank of scientology) shares the story of her brutal experience with scientology in her affidavit. According to her, members of the Sea Org were compelled to have abortions, so as to be able to devote themselves to the propagation of Scientology.

If women chose to not have abortions and keep their children, they are sent to a lower rank of scientology until the child reaches the age of six years old. Mary Tabayoyon remembers, “I told the Medical Officer (Martin Collins) of my pregnancy. She immediately went into action to arrange for my abortion. She told me, that I would naturally be expected to pay for it myself, since it was considered Out Ethics to get pregnant.”

The heinous practice of forced abortions in the Church of Scientology is not only unethical, it’s impractical. How can a Church expect to grow if it is forcing their members to kill their own children?

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  • The set or cult is well know to be a satan kingdom, abortion is only one of the atrocity by such cult that should be outlaw. Unfurtunally is even here in Western Australia.