At the Vita et Veritas Conference at Yale University, Reggie Littlejohn, an advocate for the unborn and their mothers in China shared her story. As a lawyer, Reggie Littlejohn provided legal representation for several women from China, who had been forcibly sterilized and forced to abort their babies. Knowing that she had to do something to end this terrible genocide, Reggie Littlejohn started an international coalition Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, to oppose forced sex selective abortion in China.

While the debate about abortion tends to be polarized and emotionally heated, Reggie Littlejohn is bringing to light a great social injustice that has been taking place in China for several decades. The process of forced abortions in China should trouble the consciences of pro-life and pro-abortion advocates alike, because no woman should be forced to abort her child. The issue of forced abortion is one that is seldom talked about, and that’s intentional. The Chinese government does not want outsiders to know of the terrible injustices being done to Chinese women in the name of population control. To join Reggie Littlejohn on her mission, and to save a girl through her “Save a Girl Campaign,” visit her website.