Teen Vogue: Making Abortion Appear Glamorous

| March 7, 2017

In the most abhorrent and distasteful way possible, Teen Vogue just proved for good that they do not understand teen girls. Their Post- Abortion Gift Guide, in which they recommend several gifts that a concerned friend can get for a girlfriend who just got an abortion is both contradictory and offensive; it trivializes abortion and minimizes the pain that post-abortive women face every day, while glorifying the horrific procedure itself. Their ridiculous list of gifts suggests  that abortion is difficult “not because the act itself is so terrible, but because sometimes the world can be.” Saying this makes it seem that all of the traumatic consequences that follow from abortion have nothing to do with the violent procedure itself and can somehow be blamed on some unidentified cause from the world around them.

Thankfully, the pro-life generation readily responded with boldness and grace, revealing abortion for the savage procedure that it is. Autumn, who is a teenager herself simply could not have responded better. She calls out Teen Vogue for trying to make abortion seem like “no big deal.” While Teen Vogue tries to equate abortion to “girl power,” she says “to me, abortion seems like the opposite of girl power. It is the most invasive thing that could happen to a girl… This is a human rights issue, not a girl power movement.”

Even though Teen Vogue’s article is unbelievably ridiculous, millions of teen girls take it to heart; they should be held accountable for spreading politicized pro-abortion propaganda to impressionable youth.