This past Easter Sunday, in the company of 80,000 others, I completed my lifelong dream of attending Easter Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, celebrated by Pope Francis. After braving a seemingly interminable security line, I had finally made it. The mass was more beautiful than I had ever expected; people from all around the world gathered to worship God and celebrate his Son’s resurrection, which saves us from our sin.


Pope Francis’ homily was both timely and relevant. What stood out most to me was that he did not sugarcoat nor did he ignore the realities of the times we are living in, but he reminded the faithful that Jesus’s Passion did not happen in spite of evil in the world, but in fact because of our fallen nature.


Jesus died and resurrected to save us from our sin. Pope Francis shared, “The Church repeats this feeling from my heart: “Christ is risen.” Let’s think a bit ‘, each of us think, to everyday problems, diseases that have lived or that some of our relatives; we think of wars, human tragedies and simply with humble voice, no flowers, just before God, before we say “I do not know how this goes, but I’m sure that Christ is risen, and I’d bet on that..” This means that even when there is uncertainty and destruction happening in the world, Christians are called to rejoice, knowing that Jesus has risen.