Recently, a Catholic nursing home in Diest Belgium was fined 3,000 Euros for refusing to euthanize an ill patient. 74 year old Mariette Buntjen was suffering from lung cancer. She agreed with her doctor that she should be euthanized. However, Buntjen was currently living in St. Augustine, a Catholic nursing home. The staff at the nursing home refused to euthanatize Buntjen since it goes against their Catholic mission. Buntjen moved to a private address where she soon passed away. Her three children, unhappy with St. Augustine sued them for causing Buntjen unnecessary mental and physical suffering”. A civil court in Louvain fined St. Augustine for 3,000 Euros. Each of her grown children will receive 1,000 Euros. Euthanasia has been legal in Belgium since 2003. In 2015 alone there were 2,021 deaths of reported cases of euthanasia.

Just like abortion, euthanasia is wrong because all lives are sacred. Only God has the power to give and take life. Euthanasia is believed to be the easy way out. Mariette Buntjen was suffering and she believed that by ending her life all her pain would end. What Buntjen fails to realize is that euthanasia is not the easy way out. By choosing euthanasia you are throwing away the gift God gave you and turning your back on him. You are telling him that you no longer care about his plans for your life. Death is final and once you choose it there is no going back. You can never repent from it. Mariette Buntjen chose to turn her back on God in her final moments of death. She will never have the chance to ask for his forgiveness. I pray for people like Mariette Buntjen who are so unhappy with their life that they feel the need to end it. Euthanasia is suicide and should be illegal. Every life is important.