In a time of deep political divide, what breaks all of the barriers of controversy? Faith. Thanks for the reminder Chris Pratt.

| June 28, 2018

The MTV awards bring a lot of news headlines, but never ones I wanted to hear about until Chris Pratt took the stage this year to receive his Generation Award and gave a speech that rocked the pop-culture norms [1].

Pratt delivered a thank your speech he entitled “Nine rules from Chris Pratt” in which he touched on many topics (some humorous) but most of which depicted God and faith[1].

Listen to the full speech here:

Something happened in response to Pratt’s speech unlike anything I’ve seen in a longtime; it spanned across all media with a positive tone. I have yet to find a major publication that has a problem with what Pratt said, in fact, he has seen a huge amount of praise for his speech.

Everyone covered this story; Fox, CNN, Christian Today, and even InStyle [1-4]. This is a huge triumph not only for faith, but for the youth of America.

Pratt has made a major move by taking the time to preach Christianity to young people on an MTV platform. The positive and humorous tone of the speech broke all dividing barriers.

People like Pratt are vital for today’s youth. Options for role models are not many in the circle of fame, and Hollywood has taken a turn for the worst. We have channels like ABC Family turning into Freeform, and MTV becoming more prevalent with shows like Teen Mom. Not to mention shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians that exist on the basis of fame from sexualizing yourself. The even more dangerous parts are the subtleties woven into shows like Friends, Greys Anatomy, and 13 Reasons Why. These shows promote promiscuity, pornography, and make a mockery of marriage, the family, and life.

These kinds of shows are one sided and dangerous in their content to the youth that they irresponsibly target. Today more than ever, it is crucial that these audiences hear what Pratt is saying to them:

“God is real. God loves, you, God wants the best for you, Believe that. I do.” [2]

Like many, my brother didn’t watch the MTV awards, but he saw Pratt’s speech and was very impressed. Upon reflection of the speech he mentioned to me a very important thought. He said that Pratt was speaking to an audience, most of which, has probably never heard that God loves them. Most of the people watching that show were probably hearing for the first time that God loves them. What a powerful message that is, it is a message that will change lives.

Pratt was also clear about practicing in your faith. He said “Learn to pray. It’s easy, and it’s good for your soul.” [2]

With rules like this I can’t help but notice Pratt’s speech had a tone of “fatherly advice”. This was seemingly intentional as he prefaced his speech with “I accept the responsibility as your elder. So, listen up.” [2]. He did accept this responsibility, especially by proclaiming the truths of God and His unconditional love to an audience of people that need to hear it.

No wonder Pratt’s stardom has skyrocketed, he is a role model worthy of his position. He has, without prompting, taken the responsibility for the youth that looks up to him. So many in Hollywood should take notes on Pratt’s leadership skills.

In his speech, Pratt described more tenants of faith by going against the grain of the modern ideal that ‘everyone is perfect just the way they are’. He also threw in a nod to our military, and noted the respect they deserve for protecting us, which was undoubtedly applauded by many who believe the same. He said:

“Nobody is perfect. People are going to tell you you’re perfect just the way you are – you’re not. You’re imperfect. You always will be. But, there is a powerful force that designed you that way. And if you’re willing to accept that, you will have grace. And grace is a gift. And like the freedom that we enjoy in this country that grace was paid for with somebody else’s blood. Don’t forget it. Don’t take it for granted,” [2]

Pratt excelled in this moment, he delivered an articulate, humorous, and brave speech. The audience fell quiet in order to absorb every last word of what he was saying, only interrupted a few times by laughter or genuine applause between his 9 rules.[3]

Pratt is a humble, talented, and unapologetic man of God, we need more role models like him in the world to shine the light of God over our dark culture.








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