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NIFLA Vs Becerra – a big win for women in United States

“The answer to a crisis pregnancy is to eliminate the crisis and not the child.”  Jeannie W French Founder, National Women’s Coalition for Life This is the philosophy behind Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs): They exist to solve problems, and solve it in the right way. They do not corner women to make the horrible decision […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | June 29, 2018
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In a time of deep political divide, what breaks all of the barriers of controversy? Faith. Thanks for the reminder Chris Pratt.

The MTV awards bring a lot of news headlines, but never ones I wanted to hear about until Chris Pratt took the stage this year to receive his Generation Award and gave a speech that rocked the pop-culture norms [1]. Pratt delivered a thank your speech he entitled “Nine rules from Chris Pratt” in which […]

Abigail Hoisington | June 28, 2018
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Religious Freedom

Masterpiece Cake Shop Case: Perspective

This week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of American rights, specifically Jack Phillips rights as the owner of Masterpiece cakeshop. This case arose when a same-sex couple asked Phillips to make a cake for their wedding. Phillips refused to make them a wedding cake because it was against his religion to support a same […]

Abigail Hoisington | June 7, 2018
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Religious Freedom

Religious Liberty vs. Civil Rights: Is There a Victor?

An article featured on The Mercury News explains the U.S. Democrats’ efforts to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in order to provide more protection and anti-discrimination efforts for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. The act they propose, called the Do Not Harm Act, will change the RFRA act so that religious freedom rights will […]

Kiersten Lynch | May 24, 2018
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Religious Freedom

When does Eternal life Begin? 

“Eternity is not an unending succession of days in the calendar, but something more like the supreme moment of satisfaction, in which totality embraces us and we embrace totality. It would be like plunging into the ocean of infinite love, a moment in which time—the before and after—no longer exists. We can only attempt to […]

Marioxy Contreras | June 20, 2017
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Latin America

Lo que los mexicanos realmente quieren

A inicios de este mes, el diario La Jornada publicó una nota sobre un estudio realizado por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) en donde se llevaron a cabo encuestas para saber cómo son “Los mexicanos vistos por sí mismos”, título que lleva el estudio. Estas encuestas tocaron temas como la religión y las […]

Paulina Ornelas | January 27, 2017
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Catholic Teaching

El derecho de lo sacro

Toda mi vida he crecido escuchando quejas por la opulencia de la Iglesia. Parece broma la cantidad de sitios de internet que explican cómo el Papa podría acabar con la pobreza en el mundo si vendiera todos los tesoros del Vaticano, únicamente para dar un triste espectáculo de su rabioso anticlericalismo y su evidente ignorancia. Estoy de acuerdo que […]

J. Francisco Macías | December 26, 2016
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Defending the Faith

Processada por agir conforme sua fé: o caso da florista Barronelle

“Desde 2012, casais do mesmo sexo são livres para agir conforme suas crenças sobre o casamento, mas porque eu sigo o ensino da Bíblia de que o casamento é a união de um homem e uma mulher, eu não sou mais livre para agir de acordo com as minhas crenças.” Esse é um trecho da carta […]

Aléxia Duarte | November 15, 2016
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The Decision of Someone Else’s Life

With the election of the new Canadian government, late last year, euthanasia and assisted suicide have become hotly debated topics. The current laws have been struck down and are being redrafted in order to include some form of medical aid in dying.   In a recent article, certain high-ranking officials from the college of medicine […]

Angell Lu-Lebel | September 28, 2016
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