Recently, a music video was released in Ireland showing the horrible effects of abortion. The song, “Every Time”, was written by Roger Berkeley and was done in association with an abortion recovery group called Women Hurt. Ireland is often very open about their abortion views and this music video was made to spark a conversation.

In the video, a young woman is left by her boyfriend when he finds out that she is pregnant. He decides that he wants nothing to do with the baby and leaves her. The video goes on to show her pain and grief over her choice to abort her baby. At one point she sees a man with his daughter and pictures herself with that same little girl. At another point, she frantically searches through her drawers to find the sonogram of her baby only to find it and burst into tears. This video is very emotional and powerful and cannot easily be forgotten. It shows the true feelings of a woman grieving her lost child. Click the link below to watch the music video.