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Why did I write to 167 Bishops of India?

I wrote to almost all the Bishops in India, including the office of the Nuncio. I had to write to all of them because there is just too much innocent blood flowing down the nation. This August 10th marks the 47th anniversary of legalized abortion in India. So far, the total estimate of children killed […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | August 3, 2018
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Gendercide in Asia: A CSW62 panel for Asia without Asians

“Invest 5000 today save 500,000 (dowry) later.” So read an advertisement outside abortion center in Punjab, India. How can we empower girls and women in rural areas if first of all they’re not allowed to be born and are targeted and killed in the womb? The 62nd commission on the status of women just ended. […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | March 30, 2018
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Human Rights

Bride Trafficking in Asia

In the late 1970s, the Chinese government fearing that their population may grow to “unsustainable” heights introduced a number of measures to reduce the country’s birth rate and slow the population growth rate. The most important of the new measures was a one-child policy. This policy, established in 1979, mandated that each couple was allowed […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | July 11, 2016
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