Christians are often targeted because of their firm beliefs. Christianity is often not understood and it is because of this reason that it is often feared by others. It is often said that what you don’t understand, you fear and this is certainly this is true for Christianity.

In Norway, the Bodnariu family has lost their children. The Bodnariu family is religious and they believe in corporal punishment. They were targeted specifically because of their religious beliefs. Their four oldest children were first taken away one day without warning. The Bodnarius were waiting for the authorities to come and apologize, not knowing that the government would again come to their house and take away the youngest member of their family, their three month old son.

This is an infringement on their right to parent and their religious views. Every parent has every right to punish their children as long as the parent is not abusive to their child. The Bodnarius are extremely religious and when interviewed they responded they trusted and believed in God. They praised Him and asked for Him to bless their children. It is inspiring to see a couple with such strong faith and trust in God. Since then, the Bodnarius have gotten their youngest son back but they are still waiting with open arms for their other four children. I pray that the family will soon be reunited. Click on the link below to watch the video.