Anything is possible with a little faith and determination. I am pleased to say that a hospital in Rzeszów, Poland has ceased to perform abortions. This is because every single doctor signed a pledge stating that they will no longer perform them. A specialist named Agata Rejman decided to take a stand against abortion. Prior to that the hospital had performed a great number of abortions and had become notorious for it. This midwife, Agata Rejman, exposed the abortions two years ago. During the month of January of 2014, she spoke at a press conference testifying against the abortions. She and others then refused to perform them.

This is a huge success and it shows that even though abortion is legal, that hospital will no longer perform abortions thanks to all the doctors who took a stand and stood by their faith. Can you image what would happen in America if all the doctors suddenly decided not to perform abortions?  There would be nowhere to get one. Unfortunately, this will not happen anytime soon and we need to continue to work and pray to end abortion. Check out the link below.