Alexandra Liebl

Alexandra Liebl


Alexandra is currently a sophomore Political Science major with a Legal Studies emphasis, Pre-Law, at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. She is originally from Owatonna, Minnesota, and would pick the Vikings over the Packers any day. On campus, she is involved in Students for Life, the Newman Student Association, and intramural soccer. Her hobbies include studying, studying, studying, sleeping and listening to Father Mike Schmitz podcasts. Alexandra had the amazing opportunity to attend FOCUS’s SEEK 2015 conference this past January. She had an incredible experience, and a desire and thirst to truly know and love Christ was ignited in her, and has ultimately changed the way she practices her faith and tries to live her life. After she completes her undergraduate, Alexandra hopes to either attend law school, or become politically involved in some way or another. Regardless of which path she finds herself on, she hopes to have a career that allows her to promote the dignity of life.



Love is our mission.

This phrase was the theme of the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this year. Lately, it has been stuck in my head. Love is our mission. It’s such a simple phrase, yet it’s so profound. My mission is love. Your mission is love. His mission is love. Her mission is love. And what is love? As the Catechism says, “To love is to will the good of another.” International Youth Coalition has given me a beautiful opportunity to promote the dignity of human life and to defend the sanctity of the traditional family. They have given me a beautiful opportunity to actively will the good of my brothers and sisters in Christ, and truly live out my mission of love.

Catholic Teaching

“Why does a girl need contraception to be someone?”

Last week, PP Global (@ppglobe), an unofficial Twitter account supporting Planned Parenthood’s global endeavors, posted a quote by Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards at a Clinton Global Initiative (CBI) annual meeting. The Clinton Global Initiative is an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, and “convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s […]

Alexandra Liebl | September 30, 2016


Democracy: an end or a means?

In the west, democracy has become an idol. The west teaches that democracy is the ultimate bastion of liberty. Perhaps from a political standpoint it is, or at least has the greatest potential to be. But true liberty does not come from democracy. It comes from the greatest act of love human history has ever […]

Alexandra Liebl | September 21, 2016


The sick irony of International Safe Abortion Day

The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion has written an open letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the heads of UN agencies, asking them to recognize September 28 as an official day in the UN calendar. Its significance? International Safe Abortion Day. The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion […]

Alexandra Liebl | August 26, 2016

Catholic Teaching

The Huffington Post’s take on youth empowerment

Yesterday, August 12, was International Youth Day. Accordingly, Huffington Post chose to use this occasion to synecdochically equate youth to their reproductive organs. They would have us believe that our human dignity lies in accidental features, instead of in the very essence of who we are. They would have us believe that our empowerment lies […]

Alexandra Liebl | August 13, 2016

Catholic Teaching

The intrinsic dignity of all human life

The government of Indonesia is seeking to execute by firing squad fourteen prisoners currently imprisoned on drug charges. Let us first then take a moment to say a prayer for their release. If we find ourselves too late, let us say a prayer for the repose of their souls, let us pray that they are […]

Alexandra Liebl | July 29, 2016

Catholic Teaching

The Gospel is not a slogan

The Gospel is not a slogan. Cardinal Robert Sarah speaks these words during an interview, as he condemns the war on poverty as contrary to the Gospel. That’s a strong statement, right? Maybe a bit too extreme, right? But maybe it’s not. After all, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was seen as a radical […]

Alexandra Liebl | May 1, 2016


Where does true freedom lie?

Meet Maria. She is a twenty-year-old woman from Uruguay who is post-abortive. On the International Planned Parenthood Federation’s (IPPF) website, they share her story. Its title: “Abortion in Uruguay, a common experience surrounded by stigma.” In brief, Maria and her boyfriend got pregnant at the age of nineteen. Soon after she realized that she was […]

Alexandra Liebl | April 16, 2016


The Feminine Genius

Actress Ashley Judd was recently appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund Agency (UNPFA).  One of the goals of the UNPFA, cited in a press release from the UN News Centre, is “a world where every pregnancy is wanted.”  Furthermore, the executive director of the UNPFA, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, spoke of […]

Alexandra Liebl | March 31, 2016

Catholic Teaching

Brighter Futures through Birth Control: A paradox

A global partnership called Family Planning 2020 was launched in 2012, in conjunction with the United Nations Population Fund, USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The partnership’s goal is to “add 120 million contraception users across 69 target countries by 2020”. Who are their target countries? Poor and developing nations. Dr. Babatunde Osetimehin, […]

Alexandra Liebl | March 11, 2016


The Source of Our Rights

The United Nations Human Rights Committee recently affirmed abortion as a human “right.” While the United Nations is seen as a legitimate institution by many in the international community, its affirmation of abortion as a human right is not a legitimate claim.  The United Nations cannot just declare that abortion is a human “right,” and […]

Alexandra Liebl | February 25, 2016