Eileen Wittig

Eileen Wittig


Eileen is a senior at Benedictine College, studying English with a concentration in law and politics after first studying Psychology and Biochemistry. She is also involved with the college’s Republicans group and the foreign exchange students’ orientation. In what’s left of her time she enjoys participating in theater and writing for her other, spare blog. After graduation, Eileen hopes to go to law school, pursue a career in politics on an administrative level, or enter the blogging and writing world permanently. Raised in a Boston suburb in New Hampshire and spending the last few years in central Wisconsin, Eileen is now splitting her time between college in rural Kansas and breaks in Kansas City.


Pope St. John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis have all been strong advocates for young adults to use technology and social media to teach the world that life and morals are worth fighting for. With the entire world to fight, Catholic young adults need encouragement from each other. A society’s success depends on its morals, particularly on its view of the value of life and family. Aristotle wrote that the family is the first building block of a nation, to be used as a guide for the structure of its society. If life and family are not defended, then there is no society. The International Youth Coalition is giving us a voice and an opportunity to accept the challenge to save society, and, in turn, the world.


Stories of Gender (In)Equality in South Africa

Three weeks after the United Nations’ Commission on the Status of Women, one panel still stands out to me. Maybe it was because, for the first time that I had seen there, a man was presenting. But I think its memorability is based more on what was said than who said it. The panel was […]

Eileen Wittig | March 31, 2015


Feminism: The Point And The Problems

A lot has been said about feminism since the movement began in 1848 in Seneca Falls, NY. However, as the International Youth Coalition begins its week at the United Nation’s Commission of the Status of Women, the subject has been on our minds a bit more than usual. As a 21- year old girl I […]

Eileen Wittig | March 10, 2015


American Power And Responsibility

A lot of big things have been happening recently. Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz died two weeks ago. ISIS killed a Jordanian hostage, Jordan is on the offensive in retaliation, and ISIS is claiming that a Jordanian airstrike is responsible for the death of an American hostage. Israeli-American relations are strained, again. As all […]

Eileen Wittig | February 10, 2015

President Obama

A Flaw in the State of the Union

Last week we heard President Obama’s State of the Union address. In the course of an hour, there was one aspect that particularly struck me, although it was relatively brief. After talking about the economy and job market for the majority of the speech, Obama closed with a call for bipartisan cooperation, asking politicians to […]

Eileen Wittig | January 27, 2015


Media Racism

Six months after the death of Eric Garner and five months after the death of Michael Brown, protests, rallies, and riots are still occurring. Events have progressed to the point of threats and fatal violence against the police. All of this is happening on the grounds of racism, but it doesn’t have to be. If […]

Eileen Wittig | January 13, 2015
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Catholic Teaching

The Christmas Truce of 1914

One hundred years and five days ago, the famous Christmas Truce of the First World War occurred. Because of its centennial this year a lot has been said about it, but since it is still the Christmas octave and there is still violence in the world, it bears repeating. On December 24, 1914 in France, […]

Eileen Wittig | December 30, 2014
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Obama’s Divisive Immigration Decision

Congratulations, Mr. President. You have just succeeded in dividing the country. You have managed to take an ambiguous issue and make it just clear-cut enough to isolate one half of our population from the other. Before your speech two weeks ago immigration was an issue, but there were enough views with enough possible solutions that […]

Eileen Wittig | December 8, 2014


Youth and Hope in Politics

One month ago we had our midterm elections, and for conservatives, they were incredibly successful. The Republican Party won the majority in the Senate, giving them control over both houses of Congress. On election night, I was at Governor Sam Brownback’s watch party in Topeka, Kansas. Some friends and I were involved in his campaign, […]

Eileen Wittig | December 3, 2014

Human Rights

Meanwhile, In Ukraine…

The predominant news lately has been developments in the Middle East with ISIS and new cases of Ebola in America. And rightly so—both are serious, pressing issues that affect us. Yet only six months ago, problems in Ukraine were the ones making the headlines. With the onset of ISIS and Ebola, concerns about Ukraine and […]

Eileen Wittig | November 4, 2014


The Pro-Life Heroes

Last week a story appeared about a young woman who chose to forgo chemotherapy rather than risk killing the baby that was growing inside her. Diagnosed with bone cancer when she was ten weeks pregnant, 24-year old Ashley Bridges decided there was “no way [she] could kill a healthy baby because [she was] sick.” Eight […]

Eileen Wittig | October 7, 2014