Eileen Wittig

Eileen Wittig


Eileen is a senior at Benedictine College, studying English with a concentration in law and politics after first studying Psychology and Biochemistry. She is also involved with the college’s Republicans group and the foreign exchange students’ orientation. In what’s left of her time she enjoys participating in theater and writing for her other, spare blog. After graduation, Eileen hopes to go to law school, pursue a career in politics on an administrative level, or enter the blogging and writing world permanently. Raised in a Boston suburb in New Hampshire and spending the last few years in central Wisconsin, Eileen is now splitting her time between college in rural Kansas and breaks in Kansas City.


Pope St. John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis have all been strong advocates for young adults to use technology and social media to teach the world that life and morals are worth fighting for. With the entire world to fight, Catholic young adults need encouragement from each other. A society’s success depends on its morals, particularly on its view of the value of life and family. Aristotle wrote that the family is the first building block of a nation, to be used as a guide for the structure of its society. If life and family are not defended, then there is no society. The International Youth Coalition is giving us a voice and an opportunity to accept the challenge to save society, and, in turn, the world.

Human Rights

A Call To Cautious Arms

ISIS is everywhere now. Front-page articles of newspapers, breaking stories on televised news, constant tweets, trending stories on Facebook, videos on YouTube, conversations on the street. Everyone is thinking about it. Everyone is talking about the latest threats and the latest efforts to stop them. And everyone is asking the same question: how are we […]

Eileen Wittig | October 1, 2014


Being a Suicidal Catholic

There has been a lot of coverage of depression and suicide in the news recently, largely due to Robin Williams. By now it is common knowledge that he had Parkinson’s and that depression is an effect of the disease. People have been writing and speaking on depression as a physical illness, highlighting the fact that […]

Eileen Wittig | September 2, 2014


Israel, Gaza, and International Humanitarian Law

On the first day of the militant fight between Israel and Gaza, the New York Times reported that Israel had warned Gaza’s civilians in the line of fire of the impending attack “in a stated effort to reduce civilian casualties and avoid charges of indiscriminate killings or even of crimes against the rules of war.” […]

Eileen Wittig | August 19, 2014

Human Rights

Having The Right To Be

Philosopher Peter Atterton recently wrote an essay asking whether he, or anyone, has the right to exist. The basis of his objection to having the right to exist is true—none of us would be here if all, or even just one, of the world’s tragedies had not happened. Cities and their people would still exist […]

Eileen Wittig | July 31, 2014


The Power Of Perspective

Look at the picture. What do you see? Two dog heads? A mask? A butterfly-beetle hybrid? Symmetry? A blob of ink? Or, like me, did you say, “No!  I refuse to give in to this! I hate these! I see nothing!” and then see dog heads and a mask simultaneously anyway? Perspective can be a […]

Eileen Wittig | July 14, 2014


Sir James Munby And Respect, Or Rather, A Lack Thereof

About a week ago, an article on Life News described a law case in England in which a senior judge “ordered” a 13 year-old mentally disabled girl to have an abortion “against her wishes.” Naturally there was considerable uproar. What is England coming to, if she can and will allow her judges to “force” a […]

Eileen Wittig | June 25, 2014

Human Rights

To Lay Down One’s Life

Imagine the following scenario: your little sister needs an organ transplant, and you are a match. The surgery would save her life, but there is a high probability of your own death. What would you do? Now imagine this one: you are a pregnant woman, and you have just learned that you have cancer. You […]

Eileen Wittig | June 16, 2014
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