María Zúñiga

María Zúñiga


I am Maria Zúñiga, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m currently studying Law at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, and I hope to work for the good of the family and stand for life in the future as much as I can. I find this possibility to blog, a chance to do as much, and I am inmensly grateful for it.


“The freedom of a state to determine what is legal and illegal… is not unlimited. Rather… there remains in the consciousness of all civilized peoples a certain core area of justice that…may not be infringed… ‘the dispositions that do not seek even justice, that conscioulsy contradict the principle of equality and that clearly disregard the juridical convictions to all civilized peoples refering to THE VALUE AND DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON, do not create any law, and for this reason, the conducts which adjust to such dispositions continue to be injust'”
-Federal Constitutional Court of Germany,1945, after the terrible events of WWII

Human Rights

The rights of indigenous communities

All previously colonized countries – now independent countries – today must address a similar situation: how to cooperate with indigenous communities, the ones descended from those that existed prior to colonization. Countries have to protect indigenous communities’ rights and integrity in a special way, because they are a special part of the population. The principal […]

María Zúñiga | November 30, 2016

Human Rights

New vulnerabilities and ancient ones in new contexts

Next month, the III Ibero-American Congress on Family Law and Individual’s Rights will take place in Buenos Aires. The objective of the Congress is to assess the main role that the principle of vulnerability will play in the new family law and individual rights movement that is taking shape in Ibero-American law. Vulnerability is becoming […]

María Zúñiga | October 31, 2016

Human Rights

The importance of the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons’ entry into force

The first convention on the rights of older persons, approved by the OAS on June 15th last year, is an instrument that seeks, as stated in its first article, “to promote, protect and ensure the recognition and the full enjoyment and exercise, on an equal basis, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of older […]

María Zúñiga | October 26, 2016


Do people have a right to make decisions about the lives of others?

Last week, two different news stories turned Argentinians’ attention back to the unborn. One was about a militant group promoting abortifacient pills in schools; the other article debated what should be done with the 20,000 frozen embryos stored in labs. The latter described how the labs seem to be ready to experiment with embryos if […]

María Zúñiga | September 20, 2016

Human Rights

A wedge issue: child migrants in Australia

Recently, the Guardian published an article describing the situation of child asylum seekers living in immigration detention camps of Australia. These children suffer from severe mental illnesses and suicidal behaviors (sometimes even had suicidal attempts). Many suffer sexual abuse, and show sexualised behaviors. They are harassed and unheard. Sadly, this situation is not something new. […]

María Zúñiga | September 12, 2016

Human Rights

Unaccompanied migrant children and their violated rights

According to an article that was published in the New York Times last October, in 2014 there were twenty-three thousand unaccompanied children who applied for asylum in the twenty-three member countries of the European Union. In a different article, however, Jacqueline Bhabha indicates that the children who apply for asylum are only the “lucky ones,” […]

María Zúñiga | August 18, 2016


Argentinian President Speaks Against Abortion – And it Matters.

Last June, Argentinian president Mauricio Macri, who was elected in 2015, declared that he defends life from conception to natural death. This statement gives hope to many of us Argentinians for the defense of the unborn. This statement also provides us with a good opportunity to see what role the position of a President may […]

María Zúñiga | July 29, 2016

Human Rights

Protocol of San Salvador: the stability of families

The Protocol of San Salvador is an additional protocol to the American Convention on Human Rights. It entered in force the 16th of November fo 1999 and it concerns the area of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights. It deals with several issues: nondiscrimination, right to work, equitable conditions at work, trade union rights, rights to […]

María Zúñiga | June 17, 2016


How is abortion legislated in the Argentinian Criminal Code?

The articles that refer to abortion in the Argentinean Criminal Code have always tended to be object of multiple interpretations. Due to this fact, the principle of legal certainty is deeply violated. This violation affects most profoundly the unborn, whose life is toyed with in each interpretation. Next, therefore, the legislation of abortion will be […]

María Zúñiga | June 3, 2016

Latin America


Coming up the first days of May (6th,7th and 8th), the II Panamerican Youth Forum, is an event to take interest in. The first edition took place in the City of Buenos Aires and this second time it will be in the City of Panama. Organized by Frente Joven, a social institution you may have […]

María Zúñiga | April 29, 2016