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The Danger of Reproductive Rights and the Feminist Movement (Part 1)

To follow up from my last post, Pope John Paul II at the CSW, why did the Pope see a problem with equating the feminine movement with abortion and reproductive rights? To explain this perspective, I’ll unpack these arguments with two key concepts. First of all, why do we want to use birth control in the […]

Deborah Wright | May 27, 2015

Catholic Teaching

Pope John Paul II at the CSW

Pope John Paul II was an incredible supporter of the dignity of women. Throughout his years serving as Pope, JP II wrote encyclicals addressing women’s rights, such as, On the Dignity and Vocation of Women. John Paul II was also a world promoter for peace. This seems to have been an especially important value to […]

Deborah Wright | May 27, 2015

Catholic Teaching

An Introduction to Feminism and The Church

Many are surprised to learn that the organization I blog for and traveled to the United Nations with, C-Fam, is an organization grounded in Catholic teaching. Many believe that Catholicism and Feminism do not and cannot work hand-in-hand. While this is a complicated topic that cannot be simplified within a single blog post, here are […]

Deborah Wright | May 2, 2015


3 things you need to know about the Commission on the Status of Women

Last month, March 9-20th, thousands of participants gathered at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to participate in the 59th annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Participants varied from representatives of Member States, UN entities, and NGOs from around the world. But before going into depth about what happened behind the […]

Deborah Wright | April 10, 2015
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Human Rights

Moving from “Slacktivism” to “Activism”

On February 27th, social media newsfeeds across the world were filled with thousands of hash tags in support of the #enditmovement campaign. And while the entire mission of the End it Movement’s campaign is to raise awareness of human trafficking and slavery that still exists today, their campaign also stands as a call to action. The […]

Deborah Wright | March 2, 2015
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A Love More Enduring Than a Box of Chocolates

Valentine’s Day has officially come and gone. Friday’s last minutes must-haves are marked down to make space for the next holiday-themed sweets in the candy aisle (as the inner-child in me rejoices) and the fuzzy teddy bears, pink roses and cupids disappear from view. Yes, I’m sure that at this point in time it hasn’t […]

Deborah Wright | February 18, 2015

Catholic Teaching

On The Importance of Family

This past Sunday, December 27th, was the feast day of the Holy Family, celebrating the cornerstone of our society as well as one of the key focuses of C-FAM, “to defend life and family at international institutions…” We can look at the family as serving two important functions in our society: one is at the […]

Deborah Wright | December 31, 2014
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Catholic Teaching

Do You Suffer From Globalized Indifference?

Throughout Pope Francis’ time as Bishop of Rome, he has called for an “end to the globalization of indifference.” Pope Francis speaks out against a culture that is motivated by self-comfort and that lacks compassion for the suffering of others. While mass communication and technological advances have made it possible to be more connected as […]

Deborah Wright | November 3, 2014
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