Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson


Sarah is a senior at Liberty University studying English and Journalism. She hopes to use her degree to combine her love of writing with a desire to speak truth. Sarah intends to pursue a career in editing and publishing once she graduates, but she would love to see her own name in print one day. Sarah loves reading, music in any form, thunderstorms, spending time with the people she loves, and discovering new things. Nothing says comfort to her like curling up on a rainy day with a hot drink, good music and a new book.


“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Winston Churchill

“An idea that is not dangerous is not worthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde

“If everybody’s thinking alike, somebody isn’t thinking.” General George S. Patton

Courageous, purposeful and authentic are three of the most powerful things a person can be. I believe that seeking truth should always be a priority, especially when it comes to helping those who cannot help themselves, and I hope to portray that through my writing.


Just Like Me: Barbie and Inclusivity

I remember the thrill of playing pretend with a doll that looked “just like me.” Of course, I played with many different dolls, but the one I related to the most looked like myself. As a brown-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian girl, I found my lookalike on many store shelves. It’s not always so easy for others […]

Sarah Jackson | July 1, 2019


Ethics of Brand Boycotts

Brand boycotts seem to pop up more and more frequently, both in real life and on social media. “Have you heard what [insert business] supports? I’m never shopping there again.” In social-media-driven politics, this phrase gets thrown around often. Most recently, abortion has been at the center of these boycotts. Several Hollywood favorites threatened to […]

Sarah Jackson | June 20, 2019


Coffeeshops Changing Culture

Coffeeshops seem to be the place where people find community nowadays. It can be as simple as stopping in to grab a cup to go or settling in for a few hours’ work. Coffeeshops are places where people can meet and bond in a low-stakes environment while enjoying their favorite drink. Recently, several groups decided […]

Sarah Jackson | June 1, 2019


The Division of Election Season

If the 2016 United States Presidential Election taught me anything, it’s that a perfect answer is hard to find. As a newly inducted voter living on a politically charged college campus, I felt the polarization of the election firsthand. The election was a constant topic of conversation, and the spike in aggression that occurred when […]

Sarah Jackson | May 23, 2019


Bridge-Building with Braille LEGOS

For blind and vision-impaired children, learning Braille can be a difficult task, since fewer teachers are qualified to teach Braille and many schools do not offer Braille as an option for blind students, according to the National Federation of the Blind. The NFB reports that though there are 1.3 million legally blind people in the […]

Sarah Jackson | May 2, 2019


The Heartbeat Bill and Families in Need

The United States is taking a serious look at abortion, but this does not mean pro-life advocates can give a sigh of relief and step aside. According to the BBC, almost 30 states have begun to add some kind of abortion restriction to their legislature, with 15 of those states using the term “heartbeat bill” […]

Sarah Jackson | April 28, 2019


Power in the Hands of the Few: Final Recap of CSW

Attending the Commission on the Status of Women has been a powerful experience for me. I’ve sat in rooms with delegates, ambassadors, leaders of companies, pioneers and groundbreakers. I’ve listened to testimonies and pleas, accusations and plans of action. The voices of these women spoke passionately, and their messages have resonated deeply. Throughout all of […]

Sarah Jackson | March 18, 2019


An Informed Decision: Recap of CSW Event on Natural Family Planning Awareness

Throughout the Commission on the Status of Women, I have sat through panels on controversial topic after controversial topic. Oftentimes, the mentality during these discussions is my way or the highway. The panelists will take a clear side and insist that any other viewpoint must be false, backward and harmful to women and their rights. […]

Sarah Jackson | March 16, 2019


The Legality of Life: Recap of CSW Event on the Right to Abortion

The topic most constantly addressed throughout the Commission on the Status of Women is that of abortion. Abortion rights, sexual and reproductive health, the right of a woman to control her own body—the list goes on. Abortion is hotly debated, with impassioned people adamantly on both sides of this issue. Many pro-choice ambassadors are attempting […]

Sarah Jackson | March 14, 2019


Defending the Defenders: Recap of CSW Event on Women Human Rights Defenders

For the next two weeks, the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women will take place in New York City. People who work with the United Nations gather from all over the world to dialogue about women-related issues such as abortion, human trafficking, sexual and reproductive education, domestic violence and sexism in the workplace. As […]

Sarah Jackson | March 13, 2019