A few years ago in United Kingdom a miracle happened. A baby boy was born with only 2% of his brain tissue and survived. Before his birth, doctors told his parents to consider an abortion due to rare medical conditions. Baby Noah was diagnosed with spina bifida, chromosome abnormalities, and hydrocephalus. Doctors told parents Rob and Shelly Wall that their son would not survive his birth. Not only did he survive his birth but now four years, later Noah is doing incredibly well. So well in fact, that he has received his very own UK documentary.

Today little Noah is paralyzed from the waist down. He uses both a wheelchair and braces to get around. Every day he continues to amaze both his parents and his doctors. He can now talk, sing and smile. His brain also continues to expand and grow every day. It just goes to show that doctors are often wrong and encourage parents to abort their unborn child at the sign of any disability. With the help of his parents, Noah continues to become stronger every day. Check out the full story as well as a preview of his documentary below.