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Abortion: A Woman’s Right to Choose or Population Control?

Pro-choice advocates and feminists will always defend the argument that abortion is about a woman’s right to choose and not about population control. However, this is not true. Abortion is used in many countries to limit the population. In China as well as India, there is a two children policy. Abortion is used as a […]

Sarah Kepins | April 28, 2016
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The Song Sanger Sang

If you haven’t been able to tell from blogs past–such as my #HeforShe post or my Guiding Star review– you may be surprised to know that I do, in fact, identify as a feminist. A (deep-breath) pro-life, pro-human rights, pro-Catholic, anti-artificial birth control, anti-objectification of women, pro-mom, pro-women in politics…feminist (exhale). So, luckily, I need […]

Leah Miller | April 9, 2015
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