You probably have been hearing a lot lately about the Black Lives Matter movement and how Planned Parenthood has supported them. In light of recent events, they have released many statements on social networks showing their support for Black Lives Matter. Let me first make one thing clear. All Lives matter: black, white, and even those not yet born. Planned Parent seems to overlook this in their everyday operations. Planned Parenthood is one of the great killers of black lives and they even target African Americans. They were founded on racism and they kill more than 850 African Americans every day. 78 percent of their facilities are located in minority communities. African Americans make up only about 13 of the population but they make up 37 percent of all abortions. Black unborn babies are three times more likely to be killed by abortions than white unborn babies. However, babies are not the only ones losing their lives from abortions. Many women have also died due to botched abortions. In 2014, a woman named Tonya Reaves died from a botched abortion in one of the clinics in Illinois. It was reported that Planned Parenthood waited five hours before sending Reaves to the hospital.

There are some African Americans who are speaking out against Planned Parenthood. One minister in particular named Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress Jr. founded an organization called ( He recently spoke out against Planned Parenthood and the Black Lives Matter movement. He said “Now I say to all Americans, but especially and in particular to my African American Brothers and Sisters (of which I am one): Will you ever recognize this conspiracy against you?” He also saidFor the leading killer of innocent unarmed African Americans – whose hands were up, but given no choice nor chance at the American Dream their fellow African American, Dr. Martin Luther King preached about – is Planned Parenthood!”

If Planned Parenthood Thinks Black Lives Matter, It Should Stop Killing Them