I am pleased and happy to say that the Bodnariu children will be returning to their parents. Last month, I had posted the story of the Bodnariu, whose parenting and Christian values led to the confiscation of their children by Norwegian authorities back in November 2015. This family quickly became the subject and focus of global activism. Friends and family stood by the Bodnariu family and helped them fight for the rights of their children. Their youngest, 9 month old son, Ezekiel, had been returned to them in April. However, the family continued to fight for their other four children. With the help of friends and family and by the power of prayer and protests, the children will be returned. The parents released a statement announcing the return of their children on their website saying that, “The Naustdal Municipality of Norway has come to terms with Marius & Ruth Bodnariu for the return home of all of their five (5) children.” http://bodnariufamily.org/bodnariu-family-case-updates/official-statement-bodnariu-case-bodnariu-family-will-reunited/

This is great news and it shows that anything is possible with the power of prayer. The Bodnarius will have their happy ending and have their children returned to them. Check out the article below.