Kate Rita is a passionate, positive and always smiling girl. She feels called to be witness of Christ in her daily life and to leave a little “mustard seed” in others’ lives. She wants thus to live her studies, and one day her work, as a means to spread the Joy of the Gospel.


“Ideas have consequences, but people change culture.

Passionately demonstrating truth.”


These “mottos” are becoming part of my daily life. I feel, indeed, called to be witness with passion and enthusiasm of His truth. Because it is only believing in the power of a daily and steadfast witness that our culture can actually change.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

Youth Forum

Never be afraid of…believing in your call!

How do I find my vocation in life?   Have you always found yourself asking: Am I good at this or that? Is this what I am called to do? Well, these 5 “never be afraid of” messages are for you!   Never be afraid of exploring! To discover your own life-vocation is a unique […]

Kate | November 15, 2017

Youth Forum

How to handle opposition in 5 simple tips.

Are you a shy person? Are you always worried about how to handle opponents? Do you blame yourself after a conversation because you were not able to express your opinion? Yes? Then these suggestions are for you! Whether you are chatting with a friend, or having a formal conversation with a colleague, you might find these […]

Kate | October 31, 2017

Human Rights

“Freedom of speech” in the United Kingdom?

  In the United Kingdom, freedom of speech is under threat. Two crucial events show this clearly: the banning of the Christian Union from Oxford’s fresher’s fair, and the banning of a pro-life vigil outside a Marie Stopes abortion clinic.   At Oxford, Balliol College banned the Christian Union from its fresher’s fair, an event […]

Kate | October 17, 2017


Women and Bioethics: an ethics of care

Last weekend, I attended a conference held by the Italian Society of Catholic Lawyers. This two-day conference focused on the relationship between women, ethics, and law. A wide number of young lawyers had the chance to enrich their understanding of such topics.   The conference analysed a variety historical, philosophical, legal, and ethical perspectives. In […]

Kate | September 20, 2017


Canaan of Galilee: what does this place teach to us?

In a previous post, I described the uniqueness of my pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Such a trip has indeed meant the chance to explore my interior life and to gain new insights to help in my path of faith. In this article I will deepen my analysis with a reflection on Canaan of Galilee, […]

Kate | September 6, 2017


Holy Land: destination heart

During the past few years, I have had the pleasure of travelling quite a lot. I have experienced part of America and many different European countries. But this summer has been unique. I had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land.   When I decided to join this pilgrimage, I had no hesitations at all. […]

Kate | August 30, 2017


A turning point: Abortion’s decriminalisation in the UK

  On Tuesday the 27th of June, the British Medical association (BMA) voted in favor of a motion, which “decriminalizes” abortion. This motion follows a political bill proposal (i.e. Johnson’s Bill) started this January in the UK Parliament. Such stances raise concerns on the UK’s official position on ethically sensitive issues like abortion.   In […]

Kate | July 30, 2017


Charlie Gard: new horizons?

    On the 27th of June, the European Court of Human Rights endorsed the UK courts decision in the Charlie Gard case. This judgment allowed UK doctors to withdraw Charlie Gard’s life support despite his parents’ opposition. In the past weeks, his story has reached international ears. Due to international awareness and outrage, Charlie […]

Kate | July 12, 2017


Charlie Gard: child’s best interest and parental rights

The UK Supreme Court confirmed a previous Court of Appeal judgement and granted doctors the right to withdraw life-sustaining treatment save from a baby, Charlie Gard, “to die with dignity”. Following doctors’ perspective, the Supreme Court argued that any treatment would be futile and hence not in Charlie’s best interest. However, Charlie’s parents disagreed on […]

Kate | July 3, 2017


Anonymous childbirth: an unknown alternative

Recently in Italy, there have been two cases of neonatal abandonment. Two mothers in Trieste and Settimo Torinese have abandoned their babies in the street, resulting in the inevitable death of both babies. These tragic stories raise some questions: is there any alternative to these tragic scenarios? Is abortion the only alternative for unexpected pregnancies […]

Kate | June 22, 2017