Sarah Strubel

Sarah Strubel


Sarah Strubel hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota, but now lives in downtown Chicago. She is a Junior at Loyola University Chicago, where her major is Philosophy

with a Social Justice emphasis and her minor is Political Science. She enjoys practicing and learning more about her Catholic Faith, traveling, spending time with

her family and friends, and being involved in Pro-Life work.


“No law can give me the right to do what is wrong.”

-President Abraham Lincoln


This quote resonates with me because of my involvement in the Pro-Life movement.

Oftentimes people seem to think that simply because something is legal, then is must be

right. When you look back through history, though, you see that this is not the case. Slavery,

Apartheid, the one-child policy, and the list goes on. The same is true for abortion. Ever since

January 22, 1973, murder has been legal in the United States. It is just called by a different

name. I love this quote because it reminds me that even if we have power, we cannot abuse

it. We must always strive to do what is right.


“Teach us to give and not count the cost.”

-St. Ignatius de Loyola


The Power of Pro-Life Films

I have always loved art. I love how striking architecture stops me in my tracks as I’m walking the streets of downtown Chicago where I live. I find it remarkable, yet amusing, how paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago will pull me toward them and cause me to enter into a trance, dumbfounded at […]

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“April was Autism Awareness Month”

Last month, on April 2nd, it was World Autism Awareness Day. April is also World Autism Awareness Month.“Autism and other forms of disability are part of the human experience that contributes to human diversity. As such, the United Nations has emphasized the need to mainstream disability in the Organization’s development agenda.”, quoted on the United […]

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United Nations Honors Genocide Victims

UN dedicates Special day to honor Genocide Victims A few months ago, the United Nations General Assembly declared December 9th as the “International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime”. Here is what the UN has to say about the day: […]

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Gay Couples and Adoption

The Human Rights Campaign recently reported that a lesbian couple in Utah had their foster child taken away because of their sexual orientation. Upon further research, I learned that after some backlash, the judge who made this order reversed his decision. The nine-month old will be allowed to stay with the married couple, April Hoagland and Beckie Peirce. You […]

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