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Ethics of Brand Boycotts

Brand boycotts seem to pop up more and more frequently, both in real life and on social media. “Have you heard what [insert business] supports? I’m never shopping there again.” In social-media-driven politics, this phrase gets thrown around often. Most recently, abortion has been at the center of these boycotts. Several Hollywood favorites threatened to […]

Sarah Jackson | June 20, 2019
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Knowing When to Be Silent

Scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled across a message I have seen many times before. It was one of those copy/paste statuses that constantly spread through social media. Most people have probably seen something similar: It offered physical, mental and emotional support to those who feel isolated, especially for mental health reasons. It was a plea […]

Sarah Jackson | September 27, 2018
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Los estragos de la aldea global

Los grandes cambios en los medios de comunicación han provocado la era de la convergencia. Ahora todo está a un clic de distancia: series, películas, podcasts, música y cualquier otro producto multimedia. Sin embargo, la amplia fluctuación de información no siempre ha contribuido a un mejor orden social y al fomento de las buenas costumbres. […]

André Fernando Alba | August 7, 2017
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Catholic Teaching

Empty social media

All social networks are full with groups and web sites with “light” content. PlayGround, VICE News and BuzzFeed are only a few examples of the great opinion leaders of our generation. In the age of the instantaneous information, we can’t escape from short and colorful videos explaining how the world works; and even if they […]

J. Francisco Macías | January 31, 2017
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