Kiersten Lynch

Kiersten Lynch


Kiersten Lynch received her B.A. in English Literature and Catholic Theology with a minor in Spanish from Seton Hall University. She plans on continuing her education in the Master of Arts in English Literature program at Seton Hall University. Her primary academic interests include studying novels, particularly the 19th century British novel, as well as Romanticism in literature and Thomistic theology.

In her free time, Kiersten maintains her own blog about literature and culture. She also enjoys art, especially painting, and loves to write. In college she led the Pro-Life group on campus, Pirates for Life. She is eager to combine her love of writing with her great passion for the dignity of human life and the pursuit of truth!


“Truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”    St Augustine

I truly believe that the promotion and protection of human dignity and family begins with a dedication to pursuing truth. So often the sacredness and beauty of life is cast aside in favor of lies within our society that distract us from the truth. We live in an age of technology where people are bombarded with information every day, making it easier and easier to become confused about moral and life issues. However, I think our time allows for the opportunity to use technology to spread truth and educate others, if we only have people dedicated to this cause. I hope I can help contribute to this cause through the honor of writing for IYc, so that more people, especially young people, can find truth!

Human Rights

A Double Standard for “Life”

Schools across the United States are witnessing student walkouts as part of the March for Our Lives movement calling for new gun control. In response to this, one student is testing the favor of liberal positions in the media, as well as in schools themselves, while promoting a pro-life position. Brandon Gillespie, a student at […]

Kiersten Lynch | March 29, 2018

Marriage and the Family

What’s the Solution for Shootings?

An article in The New York Times entitled “Opening Mental Hospitals Unlikely to Prevent Mass Shootings, Experts Say” discusses the predicted effectiveness of increased mental hospitals in response to a proposition by President Trump in the wake of the recent Florida shooting. The consensus? Not so effective. Although it seems like an effective solution, the […]

Kiersten Lynch | March 16, 2018


Gerber’s Welcoming Message

One of the most hopeful recent news items was the positivity in response to Gerber announcing their Baby of the Year choice. Why the extra-special response? Lucas Warren, this year’s winner, is not only especially adorable, but also has Down Syndrome. Not only that, he is the first baby with Down Syndrome to be chosen […]

Kiersten Lynch | March 16, 2018

Marriage and the Family

Domestic Robots? Technology and the Family

An article on Slate detailed the increasing popularity of in-home smart speaker assistants, and how families have been using them. The article describes how some families barely use the technology, and in some cases even leave it in the box for weeks and months. But in other cases, the smart speaker has become so inherent […]

Kiersten Lynch | January 30, 2018


Coming Out Pro Life

It’s not always easy as a student. I’ve sat in a desk on numerous occasions: sweating, heart beating fast, even shaking sometimes. What’s the anxiety? To come out as pro-life. Recently I was in a class discussion about abortion. From the start I knew that nearly all of my peers were pro-choice. And knowing that […]

Kiersten Lynch | January 9, 2018

Reproductive Health/Family Planning

Voluntary Sterilization: Is It Right?

Usually when we hear about sterilization, the context is a harrowing tale of coercion in order to control certain groups of people, usually minorities. Yet, recently in The New York Times I was surprised to find an opinion piece written by a woman arguing that doctors must perform sterilizations on women who request them, swallowing […]

Kiersten Lynch | January 9, 2018

Human Rights

Human Dignity in Halloween Culture?

When Halloween rolls around, especially in American culture, we see a wide array of films and entertainment centered around zombies, vampires, monsters, and horror. But whether we realize it or not, these films—sometimes icons of culture—involve much violence and gore. We embrace this blood and gore without thinking about it, as if it’s completely normal. […]

Kiersten Lynch | October 31, 2017


Head Transplants: Are They Moral?

An article published on Newsweek online detailed an update regarding the head transplant scheduled to occur this year or in 2018 by Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero. Canavero has been studying the possibility of transplanting a head onto another body for much time, with his research focused on severing and reconnecting the spinal cords of small […]

Kiersten Lynch | October 28, 2017


What is our Literature Telling Us About Life?

Recently a student began discussing the idea with me that abortion is not healthcare, even though it is unfortunately considered so in society. But instead of letting this statement hang in the air, he elaborated the specific qualities and reasons why abortion was not healthcare. And out of the few reasons he stated— such as […]

Kiersten Lynch | October 2, 2017

Human Rights

A Thought on End-of-Life

“People overlook the beauty of end-of-life.” Recently a friend of mine stopped to talk while I was eating lunch alone in the cafeteria, and brought this situation to my attention. At first, I was confused as to what he meant. We were both active in the pro-life group on our college campus, could we really […]

Kiersten Lynch | September 20, 2017