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Religious Freedom

Masterpiece Cake Shop Case: Perspective

This week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of American rights, specifically Jack Phillips rights as the owner of Masterpiece cakeshop. This case arose when a same-sex couple asked Phillips to make a cake for their wedding. Phillips refused to make them a wedding cake because it was against his religion to support a same […]

Abigail Hoisington | June 7, 2018
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Marriage and the Family

A un año del histórico despertar por las Familias Mexicanas

  En Mayo del 2016 es la fecha en que; de manera poco afortunada para los intereses políticos de México surgió lo que ahora es el acontecimiento del despertar ciudadano más grande e importante de los últimos años, la lucha por las familias mexicanas. Misma fecha en la que el presidente de la República Enrique […]

Valdes Rodriguez María José | September 15, 2017
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Human Rights

Where are we going with discrimination?

Mexico’s legal system is still young and struggling to work out how to face the main issues in today’s society. One of them is discrimination. Today, “discrimination” is a strong word with cultural and legal consequences developing into other concepts like “micro-aggressions” or “privileges” which now have a very different meaning than the one they […]

J. Francisco Macías | July 6, 2017
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Gay Pride March

Asamblea de la OEA: Perdiendo de vista lo fundamental

En estos días, en la ciudad de Cancún, México, se está celebrando la 47 asamblea general de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA). Dicha organización regional, según su carta fundamental, tiene diversos propósitos fundamentales, entre ellos, (i) Afianzar la paz y la seguridad del Continente; (ii) Promover y consolidar la democracia representativa dentro del respeto al […]

J. Francisco Macías | June 20, 2017
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Defending the Faith

Harmless message, violent reaction

Spanish NGO “HazteOir” dared to say out loud that boys are boys and girls are girls with an orange bus printed with such surly message. Even if this message may seem a self-evident truth, taught at biology class —which would make it so meaningless and harmless to even care about it—, it caused an unprecedented […]

J. Francisco Macías | April 6, 2017
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A Panel on the LGBT Community

On March 13th 2017, we attended a parallel event for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) titled Lesbian, Bi and Trans: Stop Leaving Us Behind. Parallel events are events that are hosted outside of the official United Nations but are still linked to CSW. This panel was organized by OutRight Action which is […]

Sarah Kepins | March 14, 2017
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Latin America

Lo que los mexicanos realmente quieren

A inicios de este mes, el diario La Jornada publicó una nota sobre un estudio realizado por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) en donde se llevaron a cabo encuestas para saber cómo son “Los mexicanos vistos por sí mismos”, título que lleva el estudio. Estas encuestas tocaron temas como la religión y las […]

Paulina Ornelas | January 27, 2017
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Catholic Teaching

God is Always Enough

God is always the answer. Former gay porn actor Joseph Sciambra learned that the hard way. His downward journey began at the young age of eight when he discovered a porn magazine left out by his older brother. This led to other more graphic porn magazines and eventually led Joseph into wanting to try the […]

Sarah Kepins | January 17, 2017
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Catholic Teaching

Finding Your Own Happiness or the Sin of Pride?

Six years ago in Toronto, Canada, a forty six year old man formally known as Paul Wolscht, decided to leave his wife of twenty three years and seven children to become a six year old little girl and live with a new family. Paul, now Stefonkee Wolscht, is living with a new family and has […]

Sarah Kepins | December 28, 2016
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