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OPINION: On the Issues of Methodists

The United Methodist Church has voted to keep it’s ban on lesbian and gay clergy. A decision that was narrowly passed with 53% in favor and 47% against. Despite the majority of the American church pushing to openly allow for any LGBTQ+ members, many of the church members worldwide have chosen to maintain the Methodist […]

Jordan Mabe | February 28, 2019
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Gay Pride March

Gobernador marcha por “orgullo”, no marcha por la familia

Gran impacto mediático causó Aristóteles Sandoval cuando hace una semana apareció en la Marcha del Orgullo LGBT en Guadalajara, Jalisco. El Gobernador del Estado se convirtió en el primero perteneciente a su cargo en asistir a dicha manifestación, un hito que aumentó la magnitud del hecho. La Marcha del Orgullo LGBT se organiza en Guadalajara, […]

André Fernando Alba | June 28, 2017
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A Panel on the LGBT Community

On March 13th 2017, we attended a parallel event for the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61) titled Lesbian, Bi and Trans: Stop Leaving Us Behind. Parallel events are events that are hosted outside of the official United Nations but are still linked to CSW. This panel was organized by OutRight Action which is […]

Sarah Kepins | March 14, 2017
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Catholic Teaching

God is Always Enough

God is always the answer. Former gay porn actor Joseph Sciambra learned that the hard way. His downward journey began at the young age of eight when he discovered a porn magazine left out by his older brother. This led to other more graphic porn magazines and eventually led Joseph into wanting to try the […]

Sarah Kepins | January 17, 2017
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Catholic Teaching

Finding Your Own Happiness or the Sin of Pride?

Six years ago in Toronto, Canada, a forty six year old man formally known as Paul Wolscht, decided to leave his wife of twenty three years and seven children to become a six year old little girl and live with a new family. Paul, now Stefonkee Wolscht, is living with a new family and has […]

Sarah Kepins | December 28, 2016
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Human Rights

Querida FIFA, ¿Quién o qué decide tus agendas?

El defensa se da cuenta que no hay forma de salir jugando y retrasa el balón hacia el portero, éste sin opciones entra en pánico y hace lo que el público espera que haga: despejar el balón. El grito de “eeeeh…puto” ensordece el estadio mientras la pelota se aleja del peligro. Dicha palabra resulta ser […]

André Fernando Alba | July 31, 2016
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Human Rights

Orlando: ¿agendas políticas o personas?

En Orlando ocurrió la peor matanza en la historia de Estados Unidos: más de cincuenta personas en un antro gay fueron asesinadas a tiros y otras tantas fueron gravemente lesionadas. El ataque, perpetrado por una persona supuestamente leal a Daesh (ISIS), ha sido calificado de terrorista y, como tal, ha despertado reacciones muy marcadas, y […]

J. Francisco Macías | June 28, 2016
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Catholic Teaching

Our Identity Lies in Christ

My first semester of college, I took a sociology class. I had never heard of gender theory before, but I was soon educated, much to my confusion. Gender was a social construction? My “gender identity” had nothing to do with the fact that God had created me as a female, but instead was based on […]

Alexandra Liebl | January 8, 2016
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Rhetoric and Reality

“Dignity — that basic idea that by virtue of our common humanity, no matter where we come from, or what we look like, we are all born equal, touched by the grace of God. Every person has worth.  Every person matters.  Every person deserves to be treated with decency and respect.” You may be surprised […]

Catherine Birri | August 1, 2015
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The United States Promises to Pressurize Nigeria Until it Legalizes Same Sex Marriage

As the President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, prepares to visit President Barack Obama on Monday; there is great concern and discomfort among many Nigerians as to the content and outcome of their discussions. Although the special adviser to the President on Media & Publicity, Mr. Adesina, claims the official visit “will address important security […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | July 19, 2015
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